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Member Resources

As a PAHRS Association member you have direct access to a great set of tools to help keep you up to date with the latest Healthcare coding changes, regulations, and news.  We've also provided a career connection section and community forums for you to stay connected with others in the field. Please contact us with any additional information you like to see offered to members.


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Reimbursement Tool Box

Specialty Coding

  • Section 12 content

Reimbursement Issues

  • Section 10 content

Red Flags

  • Section 14 content
  • Section 15 content

RAC Audits

  • Section 8 content


  • Section 6

HCPCS Coding

  • Section 11 content

Evaluation and Management

  • 1997 Documentation Guidelines
  • 1995 Documentation Guidelines
  • Medicare Appeals Process
  • Physician Compliance Plan

Electronic Medical Record

  • Section 3 content

CRS Forms

  • CMS 1500
  • UB-04

CPT Coding

  • Section 9 content



HEAT Provider Compliance Training

OIG Provider Compliance Training at oig.hhs.gov


OIG Most Wanted Fugitives

OIG's Most Wanted Fugitives at oig.hhs.gov


OIG Outlook

OIG 2013 Outlook Webcast at oig.hhs.gov



Coding Tools

  • Section 5 Content

Billing and Insurance

  • Deductibles and Coinsurance Video

Audit Tools

  • Section 4 content

ICD-10 Code Converter

Use this tool to crosswalk between ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes. Some codes will not crosswalk.

Educational Links

Third Party
Salary Surveys
Rescent Coding Changes



OIG Compliance
Odd Medicare Rule
New Codes from AMA
MD Online
HIPAA Regulations for Third Parties
Flu Information