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About the CRS Exam

The CRS Exam is a national certification designed to prepare candidates to be well rounded medical coders, understand and be proficient in the entire life cycle of the claim, and to be able to distinguish between Payor acceptable guidelines and government regulations. The CRS candidate is challenged to be resourceful and stay up to date with current guidelines. The successful exam candidate will establish their expertise in Physician Outpatient, multi-surgery specialty, Nursing Home, DME, and Hospital Facility Documentation, Compliance, Coding, Billing, Reimbursement and Medical Record Audits.

The Exam has a total of 150 points as follows:

Medical Terms, Abbreviations & acronyms         7 points

Fraud & Abuse                                                      3 points

ICD-9 coding                                                         6 points

CPT Coding                                                           7 points

Billing- Case Scenario                                         10 points

Reimbursement & EOB’s                                      8 points

Reimbursement and payor issues                      16 points

Collections and the law                                        4 points

Auditing Guidance                                                6 points   

Case Scenarios                                                    42 points


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